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Stanleymuffin (RIP)

Origin: RACR, Nottingham
Born: 1 June 2010 (estimate)
Died: 10 May 2013: Aged 35 months
Cause of death: PTS following stroke
Colour/variety: Black hooded rex dumbo
Health: Excellent. Some HLD from 30 months.
Weight: 530g
Temperament: Neutered in rescue due to being rat/human aggressive. 100% lovely, gentle and sociable since he arrived here!
Nicknames: Stanman, Scruffbag, Wedgeface, Muffinman, Steamtrain, Stanners

10/05/2013: Having joked just a few days earlier that Stanleymuffin looked well enough to outlive everyone - myself included! - he suffered a stroke just 3 weeks before his 3rd birthday, and went peacefully at the vets in our arms. Huge thanks to Kelly for giving him the lovely quiet retirement he needed. He was such a special boy, made an impact on a lot of folk, was loved by many and is deeply missed.


Stanleymuffin was surrendered to rescue after being split from his cagemate for rat aggression. We both fell for him the instant we saw his photo and we were lucky enough to be allowed to adopt him. The rescue had already arranged for him to be neutered and he then went to stay with an experienced fosterer for a few weeks. He was originally very scared of people and would bite in defense, although the fosterer did a brilliant job with him and by the time he moved in with us, you couldn't imagine him being aggressive to rats or people. He really is the gentlest soul, although still quite timid and unsure. We introduced him to our steady (albeit dominant) girls Busby and Dicey and love was all around - the intro was extremely easy and they are now very happily living together. It is obvious that Stanley is very content with having ratty friends to snuggle up to again. It is fantastic to be able to give him a calm, comfortable life with us. He has a very funny-looking wide face and incredibly kind eyes, and is a real character with some highly funny ideas - a solid lad who enjoys pottering around with his ladies and get up to the odd bit of mischief.

Since April 2013, Stanley is living at my friend Kelly's, in a lovely retirement group with her old men. He couldn't quite keep up in his group here, and as he's outlived his cagemates a number of times I don't have any other oldies right now, and I would never resort to keeping him alone. He was losing weight despite getting taken out for extra meals every day, and he lost a lot of his coat on his back (although this isn't actually rare for an old rex). He couldn't manage the higher levels of the cage, and in the end I had to take the difficult decision to let him relocate. Happily, since moving Stan has gained all the weight he had been losing, and his coat has also started growing back! As he's now living with rats with similar needs and activity levels, he has access to food 24 hours a day and a smaller, more easily negotiable cage, and it's exactly what he needed. It was clearly in his best interest to move, but I miss him a lot and love going to visit my happy bruxy lad. I'm so grateful to Kelly for looking after him <3

Stanley has been to two rat shows - the first one I only brought him along to give him a little adventure and time away from his old girls, and as it turned out he loved every second! I thought he would be a bit wary but quite the opposite; he happily clambered all over everyone and showed complete steadiness and curiosity and wasn't fazed by anything (and he got himself a fair few fans!). He liked the second show too and was really sweet and attentive in the Agility section. Critiques and more info can be found on the Shows page.

Stanley received a NERS Silver Longevity Award for reaching 32 months (and was just weeks from his Gold award).

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