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Isamu Crafty Dan

Lovecraft Avanti
Origin: Isamu Rats
Born: 31 August 2015
Age: 12 months
Colour/variety: Agouti Irish dumbo
Known genetics: A/- du/du
Health: No health issues
Weight: 524g
Temperament: Active, curious and bold
Nicknames: Tippy, Tippy Dan

Crafty Dan and his brother Gentleman's Wit were born at Jemma's at Isamu, to one of my favourite clowny does ever (Lovecraft Shoot for the Moon) from my Maload litter, and a lovely buck from my Talaneys litter who went to live with Annette at Brandywine (Lovecraft Zachary). I had a beer theme for these two boys and he is named after a microbrewery. When Crafty Dan was a baby he lost the tip of his tail, immediately gaining the nickname Tippy, and more often than not being referred to as Tippy Dan now! You can still tell that his tail is tipless, and he's grown a little knobble at the end too. As a baby he was truly stunning with amazing eyes and ears, he thenwent through a bit of an ugly buckling stage but has recently had a growth spurt and started filling out properly. He is a lovely active curious boy who is quite bold and loves his freerange!

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