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Bobby Pie (RIP)

Bobby with the kindest eyes
Origin: Animal Care Rescue Centre
Born: December 2007 (estimate)
Died: 7 November 2009: Aged 23 months
Cause of death: PT/brain tumour (PTS)
Colour/variety: Black hooded
Health: Had a respiratory infection when we got her. Developed two malignant mammary tumours at 21 months and a subsequent PT. Put to sleep at vets.
Temperament: The biggest softie. Loving and cuddly. Food-obsessed.
Nicknames: Bobby Pie, Honey Pie, Bobby Malone, Bobbers

We only got 6 months together. Bobby came to us as a middle-aged lady from a local rescue centre where she had been handed in at 14 months old. According to them she had always been a lone rat, but the intro to my group was the happiest and most straight-forward I could have dreamed of. Bobby was a real sweetheart, very gentle (apart when food was involved!), affectionate and alert. She used to get excited about pretty much everything (like running up and down the stairs, hiding in shredded paper, jumping off boxes) and I’m so grateful that she found a happy retirement with us. Bobby was overweight when we got her and we constantly tried to limit her intake to help keep her healthier, but it proved difficult because she really loved to eat. She was a lovely, lovely squish and her belly had the yummiest kiss mark ever. She developed two mammary tumours (one in each armpit) at 21 months old but was still very bright, mobile and happy. I decided to have them removed, and the operation went well but the vet told me that the appearance of the mammary tissue was non-typical and that the lumps were most likely malignant. As well as the lumps, a 1-inch strip of mammary tissue was removed from each of her sides in an attempt to slow the regrowth. Bobby initially seemed to recover from the surgery, but shortly after she started going downhill - losing weight, sleeping all of the time, not being able to walk, etc. She was eventually diagnosed with PT and received a steroid shot and oral steroids for a week, but she didn't respond well at all, and by the end of the week we had to take the heartbreaking decision to help her along.

She was our first to go and we still miss her desperately. Her name was Bobby when we got her, and we kept it because of a song that goes “Hey Bobby Malone, it’s good to have you home” which I sang to her on the walk back from the rescue and then almost every night when stroking her. When I think of that now, I think "Hey Bobby Malone, it was great to have you home".

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