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Bunk (RIP)

Sleepy cutie
Origin: P@H Preston
Born: September 2008 (estimate)
Died: 26 July 2010: Aged 22.5 months
Cause of death: Possible stroke, treatment not attempted due to malignant inoperable tumours (PTS)
Colour/variety: Cinnamon
Health: On/off respiratory infections. Tiny benign lump removed 26/5/10, malignant mass left untouched. Rapidly developed another 2x malignant lumps.
Weight: 363g
Temperament: Loveable pig-headed bundle of nerves, a real character
Nicknames: Bunky, Monkey, Bunkers, Team Bunk: World Police, Brat-Rat

26/7/2010: My awkward, aggro, pig-headed bundle of nerves, with the cutest face and yummiest belly, and the weirdest ideas. A real character who gave us laughs and hassle in equal amounts. RIP little honey. I love you forever.


Bunk was a little springy bundle of cinnamon cuteness who joined Ellie and Bernie when they had been with us for 8 weeks. Bunk was from P@H in Preston and I really couldn’t resist her. (Again with the weakness and why I've avoided petshops ever since.) She was simply the most adorable little chubby thing I’d ever seen, and her lovely warm colour made her look just like a little round toffee. Bunk was extremely headstrong, with her own determined ideas of how and when to do things, and would squeak indignantly if you picked her up or stroked her when she didn’t feel like it. However, she was also very sociable in her own special way and liked to curl up close to us (preferably perching on the back of the sofa an inch or so away from my head) and brux happily. She preferred things to be on her terms! When she was upset, Bunk would scrunch up her whole face and look more annoyed than I would have thought possible for a rat. She was madly in love with the Silent Spinner wheel and could run in it for hours on end. Whenever I changed the cage layout it would be the first thing she'd dash to find, and would instantly run in it for a minute or so before bothering to investigate the rest of the cage. Bunk was also usually the first one to greet us in the morning, hanging from the bars looking very bright and keen. She loved bar climbing although her general balance was never great and she was quite clumsy when jumping. The first thing she did when we got her home as a tiny little thing was to somersault off a shelf by leaning forward too far and slowly toppling over, head first. She was pure comedy and heart-meltingly cute.

Bunk left a very large hole when she went. Luckily she was bright, mobile and happy all the way up until the end - one Sunday morning she wouldn't come out of the cube, and when we got her out it became apparent that she was very ill. She didn't seem to be in pain and her breathing was fine, but she was extremely tired and wouldn't move around, eat or drink. We syringed some meds into her in the afternoon and left her to rest, as she didn't seem to be in any pain at all, but had to take her to the vets first thing the next morning as she hadn't improved. The vet said it was likely to have been a stroke, or possibly an internal lump that had started pressing on something - or even just the fact that her 3 malignant lumps had started to take their toll and were draining her. We had to take the decision to let her go.

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