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Elliot (RIP)

Pretty Elliot
Origin: Local petshop
Born: July 2008 (estimate)
Died: 1 December 2010: Aged 28.5 months
Cause of death: Lump; inoperable because of her chronic resp issues (PTS in good time before risk of ulceration)
Colour/variety: PE champagne hooded
Health: On/off respiratory infections and subsequent lung scarring. Mammary lump at 19 months that couldn't be removed due to her chronic respiratory infection.
Weight: 345g
Temperament: Delightfully dopey, laid-back pleasure-pig
Nicknames: Ellie, Ells, Belly, Stoner, Dragon Rat, Ellie-Belle

Ellie was put to sleep 01/12/2010 because she had finally lost her spark. Her lump grew quite a lot in her last few weeks and she became increasingly tired although still happy to potter around and enjoyed eating and cuddling. A few days before she was PTS she became very different, very cuddly and would look at me adoringly all snuggled up in my dressing gown. On 30/11 her expression suddenly changed dramatically and she looked weary in a very different way. We decided to have her put to sleep the following morning. I carried her to the vets inside my jacket and sadness notwithstanding, it was a peaceful and beautiful goodbye.


Elliot and Bernie were sisters (we think). Ellie actually came to us "unseen" as Bernie stole my heart and all I could see of the other little ratty in the tank was a tail poking out of an empty toilet roll. As there was only two of them I knew I wanted them both, and not having a colour preference I didn't know what she looked like until I went to pick them up and the bloke turned the roll upside down into the little carrier and a terrified white lightning with blazing red eyes flew out. (I realised later she’s actually champagne hooded.) Elliot was quite nippy to start with and took a few months to stop testing our fingers for food (sometimes quite hard). She turned into an affectionate sweetie, quite licky and cuddly who could also be quite lazy and slow, apart from when it came to food - she then displayed a very grabby and focussed junkie behaviour! She was the most dominant of the group for ages and during intros she would turn into a Dragon Rat, stalking around on stiff legs with hair on end and looking menacing. Ellie was not always on the ball with what was going on around her; she was a little bit dopey. She used to barber Bernie and Bunk so for a period they looked like little monks, and later on she also barbered her front legs. When she was a few months old she had a short period of mild cage aggression towards us, breaking skin a few times. We started to wait for her to come out instead of reaching in and lifting her and this really helped. She would nip our legs and feet repeatedly when free-ranging on the sofa but not as hard, and she was generally easy to handle. She loved to curl up in tiny spaces, and she was a dedicated nest-builder (bordering on "obsessive"!). Her eyes were amazing and she had such a beautiful expression. Elliot loved to curl up in the hood of my back-to-front hoodie and brux, brux, brux and boggle.

Ellie received a NERS Bronze Longevity Award for reaching 28 months.

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