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Bandy (RIP)

Origin: Rescue (via free-ad site), originally from petshop
Born: October 2009 (estimate)
Died: At approximately 8 months old
Cause of death: Pneumonia and dehydration in previous home (PTS)
Colour/variety: PEW

This little girl came to us through a private rehoming (together with Fliss) from an owner who was no longer able to keep them. Unfortunately Bandy had to be put to sleep the following morning due to extreme dehydration and starvation; according to the owner she had contracted a respiratory infection a few weeks earlier, and when they came to us it had been very hot for a period and the owner hadn't realised that Bandy had been unable to get to the water bottle or well enough to eat dry mix for god knows how long :-( It was a very traumatic experience for us humans even though the actual decision was as easy as it ever gets - the little honey was a bag of skin and bones, clucky lungs, extremely porphy, unable to stand up, walk or groom herself, and when we tried to syringe some Lactol and meds into her she couldn't even swallow properly. Bandy was so weak and had struggled for days already, and it was kindest to let her go. Our vet gave her a 10-15% chance of survival with intensive care, which would have included several injections daily and an extended nursing period, and there was no way I could put her through that. It was awful to see the result of a basically kind but clueless owner, and I will always have a hole in my heart for this little life that ended far too early and after such a horrible ordeal.

Bandy's cagemate Fliss was immediately introduced to the four youngest of my girls (aged 6-10 months at the time), and went on to live very happily with my group.





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