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Brandywine Busby (RIP)

Origin: Brandywine Rats
Born: 20 December 2009
Died: 9 June 2012: Aged 29.5 months
Cause of death: Not known (she passed away quietly at home)
Colour/variety: Mink
Health: On/off resp infections. Tooth root abscess at 25 months, drained at vets and treated with ABs (later filled up again several times but drained/cleaned at home). Cataract in one eye around the same time.
Weight: 378g
Temperament: Independent yet people-oriented, affectionate
Nicknames: Busby-Butt, BB, Bus, Busta Rhymes

We found Busby dead in the cage on 09/06/12, she looked like she'd just fallen asleep. She had been reluctant to come out for freerange for the past week or so, although once out she's been perfectly fine. The night before she was happily chomping pumpkin seeds and pottering around as usual, coming to sit on our knees for a good old brux. She's had a stubborn tooth abscess for a few months which did not respond to medication and went through very unremarkable cycles (fill up/burst/drain/clean/heal over again), but there was nothing detectably wrong with her so perhaps her heart gave out. She was just 10 days shy of 30 months, so a very good age, and the first of our rats to die at home. As much of a shock as it was to find her, and not being able to say goodbye, it felt very peaceful and much less of a trauma than having to make the PTS decision. Bye my Bus, my beautiful girl, my first breeder rat.


As a baby, Busby was incredibly pingy and bright - made of mischief. She is extremely alert and attentive and when we stop by the cage to say hello, she was the first to throw herself across the cage and scale the bars to get as close to us as possible. Busby is cocky and bold, and as a baby she was very intense in her attempts to get the older girls to like her. She preferred everything to happen at super-speed and would sometimes be a bit mean and impatient with the old (slow!) residents. Her colour is quite dark and to some extent dependent on the light conditions!

As an adult, Busby has mellowed in a really brilliant way - although she will still kick her cagemates around the cage every now and then! She is a very nice and solid doe, fairly quiet and content, and a great climber. Her colour has gone quite patchy and she's got some rusting. Busby's favourite freerange pastime is now to curl up on someone's knee and boggle and brux very loudly, it's so sweet. She likes people and is very personable, although she's had difficult periods to do with issues with other rats and taking a very strong dislike to certain individuals! Busby now lives with oldie Dicey and rescue boy Stanleymuffin and love was all around from the word go. It's so nice to see the little trio so happy and content with each other, especially since they've all had some problems with other rats in the past.

Busby has been to a couple of rat shows and done particularly well in Activities - critiques and more info can be found on the Shows page.

Busby received a NERS Bronze Longevity Award for reaching 28 months.

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