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Dicey (RIP)

Dicey looking mischievous
Origin: Manchester Rodent Rescue
Born: 12 August 2009
Died: 12 September 2012: Aged 37 months
Cause of death: Stroke (PTS)
Colour/variety: Black hooded dumbo
Health: Mammary lump removals at 28+35 months. Misaligned front tooth and hind leg weakness from 30 months.
Weight: 408g
Merits: NERS Pet champion
Temperament: Sociable, explosively affectionate, confident, bigtime charmer
Nicknames: Dice, Spicy, Nutter, Dicey Dog, Pants Police

12/09/2012: The end of an era. Dicey was put to sleep this morning after starting to experience intermittent mild seizures last night. 37 months today, we've had the privilege of sharing over 3 years with this very special girl. Born in rescue, Dicey (and Roux) came to us at 6 weeks. They opened my eyes to rescue rats and showed me that rescues are certainly not the same as 'problem rats' - they were as bold and well socialised as any breeder babies. Dicey also had me experience the fun of rat shows by throwing me in head-first when she became RBIS in the Pets class at our very first show; I owe a great deal of my "rat life" and friends today to Dicey and that unexpected first success, as my pride in her helped take some of my nerves away.

Aside from two lump removals in her final nine months, Dicey had a very happy healthy retirement and despite her back legs mostly giving out to HLD, she was happily zooming around the rat room until the end, and would even pull herself up to climb the bars with amazing upper body strength. Her fantastic coat remained sleek and shiny all her life and she didn't have much muscle wastage at all; if it wasn't for the HLD and the calm, wise expression in her eyes, she would have looked like a very sprightly 18-month old. She calmed down a bit in her final months and relished cuddles and scritches, boggling her little heart out when you stroked her jowels and ears. Dicey was one of those rats who was just so obviously, vigorously healthy and strong; vivacious and dazzling, and it often seemed she would keep going forever. RIP my love, you were a pillar, you are sorely missed, and there will never be another like you.


Dicey doesn't seem afraid of anything. Very curious and people-oriented, she is usually the first one to come to the front of the cage, with every fibre in her body begging for cuddles, affection, treats, anything, AS LONG AS YOU PAY ATTENTION TO ME! She is very happy to launch herself out of the cage to hang onto the front of your t-shirt and swiftly clamber onto your shoulder, so it’s nearly impossible to open the cage door without getting a little passenger within a few seconds. Dicey is an expert shoulder rider with a great sense of balance and a very positive outlook on life - everything is FUN and interesting! She has got an amazing sleek shiny fur and beautiful long athletic body and the most curious little nose in the world. Dicey is quite dominant and used to drive Bunk up the wall with her sometimes constant nipping and shoving, and she’d stand on her toes like an upturned horse shoe. She would make a very good alpha, and is extremely good-natured, confident and trusting. Dicey is intensely present in everything she does and when you stroke her or play with her she sometimes can’t contain her excitement and will suddenly turn right around and run a little circuit round something at top speed and be back in exactly the same position a few seconds later, like a wind-up toy. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is a very fun and easy-going rat who's up for anything. One of her nicknames is "Dicey Dog" because of the way she lies on the sofa arm rest - just like a little dog.

As an adult, Dicey is a really amazing rat. She is in remarkably good physical condition and you'd never guess she's two years old. She has not had a day of illness in her entire life, and is just so fantastic. Steady and reliable, yet fun and interesting. When we introed Rae and Nancy, Dicey was the only one who really cared about showing the new girls their place, kicking them in the face ninja-style and stomping around looking annoyed when they were pinging in an uncivilised way. Dicey is now living with Busby and Stanleymuffin and they loved each other from the start - it's so nice to see the little trio so happy and content with each other, especially since they've all had problems with other rats in the past. Dicey has also developed a very strange quirk; when she's freeranging, she nips at our trousers increasingly hard and intense. The easiest solution is actually to take them off! Hence her latest nickname: the Pants Police...

Dicey has been to several rat shows, and became a NERS Pet Champion in July 2011 at the age of 22 months! She has won BIS in Pets twice and was RBIS once. I'm enormously proud of her. Critiques can be found on the Shows page.

Dicey received a NERS Gold Longevity Award for reaching 36 months.


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