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Roux (RIP)

Cutest Roux in the world
Origin: Manchester Rodent Rescue
Born: 12 August 2009
Died: 2 March 2012: Aged 30.5 months
Cause of death: Osteomyelitis of the jaw (PTS)
Colour/variety: Siamese dumbo
Health: Benign mammary lump removed + spay aged 16 months. A couple of minor resp infections.
Weight: 362g
Temperament: Careful, gentle, sweetness personified, affectionate
Nicknames: Lilla Roux, slow coach, Worry-Pot, Roux-girl, Rouxster, Homegirl

02/03/2012: Roux was put to sleep today. She had osteomyelitis (bone infection) of the jaw and even though she was still in good spirits and quite active, the infection had started affecting her mouth to the extent that she was starting to struggle to eat. After she had been put to sleep, the vet was able to take a thorough look and the infection had actually disintegrated her jaw bone to the point she had lost her back teeth; her mouth was a complete mess, with a lot of swelling and pus. Roux loved nothing more than being at home, in her familiar environment with her familiar people. She was 30.5 months old and has been the most wonderful rat to live with - the kindest, sweetest, most gentle. We miss our beautiful smudge-nose more than words can say.


Roux is a very pleasant little lady, sweet-tempered and affectionate with gentle ways. As a youngster, she could also be a little drama queen and make a panicky dash for cover at unfamiliar sounds but peep right back out five seconds later. She used to be careful to approach new things, including not wanting to eat unfamiliar things unless you really persevere - it took several weeks to make her even touch fresh basil, but now she wolfs it down just like the others. She takes longer than the other girls to mull things over before she decides what to do, and because of her dumbo ears she tends to go about life looking quite worried about everything. Roux is usually the last out of the cage as she is a rather slow starter and needs a bit of coaxing before agreeing to give up the comfort of a warm nest! She has got the cutest expression and tends to be the one hanging her head out of the cube or hammock to train her pretty gaze on her humans and lazily observe as you go about your business. She has relatively long fuzzy fur and often comes out of the pile looking very ruffled and sweet. Her body feels quite ‘soft’ and round, not like her sister Dicey who is much more athletic. My husband named Roux after chefs Albert and Michel Roux Sr and Jr (so it’s quite typical that she turned out to be the pickiest eater of the bunch!)

As an adult, Roux has turned into the sweetest girl-squish and will brux and boggle madly when I tuck her into the crook of my arm and massage her ears and jowels - one of my favourite moments in the world. She is a lovely sweet girl who just wants the quiet life, stay at home and potter around in her routines!

Roux has been to two rat shows - critiques and more info can be found on the Shows page. We won't take her again as she made it clear that she didn't enjoy it; she didn't get scared or upset at all, but it was obvious that she just wanted to go home <3

Roux received a NERS Bronze Longevity Award for reaching 28 months.

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