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Brandywine Tesla (RIP)

Origin: Brandywine Rats
Born: 19 December 2009
Died: 25 January 2011: Aged 13 months
Cause of death: Died during spay surgery
Colour/variety: British blue
Health: Excellent physical health although issues with OTT dominance.
Weight: 404g
Temperament: People-oriented, a little scatty, persistent
Nicknames: Tesla-honey, Besla, Bezzle, Tess

25/01/2011: We had decided to try spaying Tesla to see if it would help with her increasingly over-the-top dominance issues. She died in surgery :~( and I have never before felt so guilty. Our vet said everything went standard procedure, she was breathing calmly and evenly under anaesthetic and didn't bleed much. She went through the entire op fine and they started bringing her round, she started waking up and then her heart just stopped. They oxygenised her and did some other things I didn't note down so don't remember. Her liver was paler than normal and her uterus + one ovary were enlarged, but the vet said that there was no directly discernable reason why she died. It was such a shock to us and I've never grieved a ratty quite so much before. It hit me so hard and I'll never get over it completely. She was only 13 months and it all seems terribly sad and unfair. Whereas I will continue to spay does who have developed lumps, I highly doubt I will spay for behavioural reasons again (as long as the rat in question isn't so aggressive that she can't live with any other rats, in which case I would feel it was worth the risk, but that was not the case with Tesla as she got along really well with her sister). I'm so sorry Tesla, so sorry. RIP little honey, we'll miss you forever.


A very sweet and loveable little girl. Tesla is exceptionally people-oriented and very affectionate. She loves to clamber all over us and she gets very excited when we play with her and tickle her. She started out being a bit cautions to approach the older girls but soon became a total terror who wouldn't leave them alone at all, even when it would clearly be in her best interest to stop humping Bunk, who was the most surly with her. Her sister Busby had a few days' of general grumpiness and took a chunk out of Tesla's right ear one day - it healed quickly but looks all ragged since!

Tesla had a few difficult months around 7 months old; she was actually a very stroppy little sod and took to bullying Roux (who wouldn't hurt a fly) and Ellie (who was getting old, slow and doddery). There was really no need for her to take up Bunk's mantle :-S Luckily she calmed down after a few months and is now a very pleasant lady, quite calm and extremely sociable. She loves stopping by to sit on my lap for a few minutes while I stroke her head, and has even been known to fall asleep on me!

Tesla has been to a couple of rat shows - critiques and more info can be found on the Shows page.

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