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Brandywine Contra (RIP)

Contra at 17 months
Origin: Brandywine Stud
Born: 22 January 2011
Died: 24 October 2013: Aged 33 months
Cause of death: 'Old age' - minor neurological issues, struggling to eat, poor quality of life (PTS)
Colour/variety: Agouti
Known genetics: A/a M/m Rb/rb
Health: Spayed at 13 months for deciduoma (benign intrauterine polyps). Two respiratory infections from 24 months, responded to meds.
Weight: 290g
Merits: NERS Agility champion
Temperament: Curious, very affectionate, licky, steady - easy-going and kind to lower-ranking rats.
Nicknames: Fieldmouse, Pignose, Contraband

17/11/13: I lost three rats on the same day on 24th October (two planned, one not), and I'll need to revisit this for her obit at some future point. Contra was my foundation doe and so very special in every way.


Contra...Contra, Contra, Contra. I love this little rat with all my heart; she is my perfect rat. Truly special, with absolutely stunning temperament - she takes so well to any new situations and is utterly lovely to people and other rats. Most importantly, this is coupled with a huge personality that tends to be evident even to people who don't know her; she has something very special about her. She is also very pretty with amazingly expressive lovely eyes, and her coat is a gorgeous rich colour. Contra is playful and curious but also has a very gentle manner. I can't recall ever seeing her scared, and she deals with new situations in a very measured way. When we introduce new rats, Contra takes it completely in her stride and although she has always been a dominant rat, she doesn't ever overdo it and is calm, firm and kind. She used to have a very special bond with Peps, one of our neutered males, and loved teasing him to the end of his tether! She has a very caring behaviour towards her cagemates, and she is licky and contact-seeking with us humans, yet a very independent spirit and knows her own mind. She manages to be a quiet and reliable rat who exudes lovely steady vibes, yet is still very much in-your-face, lively and cheerful.

In December 2011, Contra gave birth to my very first Lovecraft Rats litter. She was mated to another fantastic Brandywine rat (Dandelion, owned by Kelly Heys) and had a beautiful litter of 15 amazing kittens. I'm so happy and proud of her - and she was a brilliant mum too.

Contra went to quite a few rat shows when she was younger and won the Agility challenge three consecutive times, making her a NERS Agility Champion. She also won RBIS in the Pets class once, and was 4th in the Variety challenge - she was the first of my rats to attain challenge points in all three sections. She also has several condition awards which I'm always extra proud of. Results and critiques can be found on the Shows page.

Contra also has a NERS Silver Longevity Award for reaching 32 months.

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