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Lovecraft Get flow

Origin: Born here - my first Lovecraft litter
Born: 20 December 2011
Died: 17 April 2014: Aged 28 months
Cause of death: Deep tooth abscess with osteomyelitis of the jaw (not woken from GA)
Colour/variety: Agouti
Known genetics: A/a M/m Rb/rb
Health: Spayed at 15 months for benign stromal polyps. Dental abscess at 27 months.
Weight: 434g
Merits: NERS Pet champion
Temperament: Pingy, active, sociable, steady, trusting and independent - a real pillar in the cage
Nicknames: Flow-girl

05/05/2014: I very sadly and unexpectedly lost my Flow a couple of weeks ago. She had been looking spiky and rough and generally acting a bit under the weather for a week or so, and was given antibiotics in the hope that whatever was brewing would be knocked on the head. While I was away on holiday, my ratsitter reported that a small hard lump had formed on Flow's lower jaw but that she was eating without issue and seemed none the worse. I was going to take her to the vet when I got back, but both my partner and I ended up falling so ill we couldn't make it there and had to reschedule the appointment for the following week. During that time Flow was still on antibiotics and painkillers but she had increasing difficulty eating, even the wet meals I prepared twice a day, losing weight and seeming very tired - however, she would sit in my arms and brux and boggle when it was medication time and cuddles The vet didn't like the feel of the lump at all, and as it's very difficult to get a good look into a rat's mouth, we decided to go for a quick exploratory GA to find out what we were dealing with. As well as a very deep undrainable tooth abscess, the infection was found to have spread into the bone (osteomyelitis) and the jaw bone and gum was about to begin to disintegrate in places, which would cause tooth loss, misalignment and general pus and gunk as well as being painful and cause extreme difficulty eating. With the outlook being so pessimistic and best case scenario involving a very long and painful recovery period with aggressive antibiotic treatment, I opted to not wake her up from the anaesthetic. I was shell shocked to lose her like that and I beat myself up a lot for not trying to sort out someone else to take her to the vet while I was ill, but I really didn't expect it to be so serious. Equally, because of how serious it was, a few days probably would have made any difference, especially since she was already on antibiotics. But that's rat keeping for you - lots of guilt and heartbreak. But also absolutely wonderful times and highs - and I shared so, so many of these with my Flow. She was a fantastic rat who has been nothing but joy all her life, never difficult, always bonny and steady, and occupying a very special place in my heart. She wasn't ready to go, by far, and I miss her so much. At least she got to go without pain, before she started struggling too much, and in very good physical health aside from her mouth problems. Bye Flow. I can't believe I'm writing this already, and I wish we'd gotten many more months together. I'll love you forever.


Flow is sleek and shiny, an incredibly fit and well-muscled rat who is super agile and active. She buzzes around the room during freerange and performs quite amazing jumps and climbs! She is also very fun and human-oriented, and loves dashing over to keep an eye on what we're up to. Flow is intelligent and quick, with a really pleasant sweet temperament and just the right balance between being friendly and independent. She is also very beautiful, physically appealing with a very "ratty" body shape and deep vibrant agouti colour. Flow really is an outstanding girl, and very much growing into her own as she matures, and I love her to bits.

Flow has been to several rat shows and seems to enjoy all the newness and interesting things to investigate. She is a NERS Pet champion and has also placed well in the Varieties class on a couple of occasions, and she has been awarded two NFRS stars. Her results and critiques can be found on the Shows page.

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