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Fray (RIP)

Origin: Spoiled Rats Rescue
Born: June 2011 (estimate)
Died: 26 March 2014: 34 months
Cause of death: Was getting extremely frail and tired, unable to keep any weight on (PTS)
Colour/variety: Mink/dark phase pearl
Health: No health issues but has a healed tail injury and gets a little snotty on occasion
Weight: 296g
Temperament: Curious and gentle, uncomplicated
Nicknames: None reoccuring

26/03/2014: Fray and her remaining cagemate Mosey were put to sleep together. Mosey had been struggling for some time with a mammary lump and being in too poor condition for surgery, and when an infected wound didn't respond to antibiotics, I decided to let Fray go with her. She had been incredibly frail, threadbare and actually skeletal for a long time, despite having constant access to high-calorie food. She was also increasingly tired, and although she likely would have creaked along for another couple of weeks or so longer, her overall quality of life was becoming poor. Fray and Mosey were also the last two of my 'oldies' and I opted to let them go together. Bimble free Fray, and go find Snicket.


Fray and her cagemate Snicket were part of a large rescue in the northwest that involved the removal of a large number of rats from a severely negligent owner. Some of the rats were in such poor condition with untreated injuries that they had to be put to sleep, but some were "just" malnourished and not yet completely wasted away. Fray and Snicket were amongst the older does and I was very happy to offer them a comfortable retirement here. Considering their dreadful background, I was surprised that they were both happy to be handled and not scared of people, which made things a lot easier.

Now that they've been here for a few months, Fray has turned out to be a sweet and steady girl who is curious and friendly, but much much calmer and less exuberant than Snicket. She is a very straight forward and uncomplicated rat, a little bit dim and slow to cotton on, although that could also be in comparison with Snicket's very sharp keenness. Fray was always in slightly better condition than Snicket and weighed 240g when she arrived (compared to Snick's pitiful 190g) - she's settled just over 300g now but still feels fairly bony in the hand.

Fray is really laid-back and takes very well to other rats. She appreciates people and is perfectly happy with handling - a mellow little soul who is happy to interact and receive attention although doesn't actively seek it.

Fray received a NERS Silver Longevity Award for reaching 32 months.

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