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  Atlas Furness Gravity (RIP)

Furn Origin: Atlas Stud
Born: 17 June 2011
Died: 20 December 2013: Aged 30 months
Cause of death: Abdominal mass (passed away quietly at home)
Colour/variety: Russian dove Essex
Health: Stubborn resp infection from 28 months. Inoperable abdominal mass from 29 months.
Weight: 331g
Temperament: Vocal, headstrong, sweet, fast, energetic
Nicknames: Furn, Furnie

20/12/13: Furn has never been a particularly sturdy rat - very hard to keep weight on, on/off snuffly and porphy, and increasingly fragile as she aged. She specialised in sleeping very hard, making me think she'd passed away, only to literally spring at me in a split second once awake, startling the crap out of me on a regular basis! For the past couple of weeks it's been clear that the mass was taking its toll and Furn was massively slowing down and sleeping more and more. Last night they got a big wet meal and she was slow to come out of the cube, looking very tired and not particularly interested in eating. Tonight I found her in the cardboard, forever asleep, right next to Fitz. Even though I more or less expected to lose her soon, it is always a shock to find them. Bye Furnie, my sweetheart - go see Thump at the bridge, wind her up, and groom some mint into your coats.


Atlas Furness Gravity, Furn for short!, is a very sweet little girl who loves human contact. During her baby intro she was a little on the defensive side with the adult rats (who can blame her!) and squeaked when they get near her - which they didn't like, and as a result she got a little beaten-up but on balance the intro went well and she has settled fabulously. Her headspot isn't very visible as she's so light, but she has a lovely coloured coat with a very attractive sort of warm silvery sheen to it. When we give her fresh mint she grooms it into her coat! Furn gets very hormonal during her seasons and turns into something resembling a squeaky bar of soap; we're sometimes lucky to get hold of her at all! She is sociable on her own terms but prefers to get on with her own things - happy to come over for a little fuss and although she doesn't really like being held, she tolerates handling and having her claws cut, etc. She is very sweet and curious and gets along well with everyone. Furn is prone to losing weight so she gets extra feed with oldies and youngsters.

In December 2012, Furn's tail had to be partially amputated after her group broke out of their intro cage and went clambering onto recent arrival Tony's cage. He was very aggressive at the time and savaged Furn's tail, actually snapping it, but luckily she recovered well from the surgery and never seemed to miss having a tail that was suddenly two inches shorter!

Furn has been to two rat shows - she behaved well but didn't particularly enjoy it and seemed a little overwhelmed, so she hasn't had to go back :-) Her critiques can be found on the Shows page.


Furn received a NERS Bronze Longevity Award for reaching 28 months.

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