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Lovecraft Monkeyshines (RIP)

Monkeyshines at 6 months Origin: Born here - my first Lovecraft litter
Born: 20 December 2011
Died: 20 February 2014: Aged 26 months
Cause of death: Suspected stroke (passed away at home)
Colour/variety: Agouti Essex
Known genetics: A/a Hro/H M/m Rb/rb
Health: No health issues
Weight: 399g
Merits: NERS Agility champion
Temperament: So very exuberant and giddy! Extremely licky and affectionate, super active, very funny girl.
Nicknames: Crazygirl, Monkey, Monks

20/02/2014: Goodnight Monkeyshines :'( My Monks, my lovely forehead-licking, fun, giddy weirdo. You were fab, and our mutual adoration was such a special, treasured thing. I will miss you so much, and your loyal sister will too. Raise hell at the bridge, my Crazygirl.


Monkeyshines is awesome <3 She is actually the lickiest rat I've ever had, and those who know Thump and Pepper are aware that it's not an easy title to attain! She throws herself into most situations with a positive, reckless abandon and often looks at me with the most adorable quizzical expression. She is incredibly giddy, bouncy and pingy. Persistent in her games as well as when showing affection, active and playful and loves to wrestle our hands. She is also really attentive and will bound straight over when we call her. Monkeyshines is full of fun and mischief, adores people and is totally endearing - I cannot get enough of the funny little thing! She's a little monster, of the very best sort. With her chaotic headspot and me already keeping the other agouti Essex (Swing), Monkeyshines wasn't supposed to stay but she stole my heart repeatedly every day since about 3 weeks of age. She is the only girl out of the four sisters from Contra's litter who got a name outside of the (admittedly very loose) theme - Monkeyshines doesn't follow any rules!

Monkeyshines has been to several rat shows and won the Agility challenge once, gaining placings in the Supreme Challenge in the Pets class plus awards for "Most engaging" and "Most affectionate". Her results and critiques can be found on the Shows page.

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