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Lovecraft Pucker up (RIP)

Puck at 6 months
Origin: Born here - my first Lovecraft litter
Born: 20 December 2011
Died: 22 July 2013: Aged 19 months
Cause of death: Facial tumour, possibly ZGT (PTS)
Colour/variety: Russian blue agouti Essex
Known genetics: A/- rb/rb Hro/H M/m
Health: No health issues, but spayed in April 2013 following birthing complications.
Weight: 400g
Merits: NERS Agility champion
Temperament: Busy little livewire, stubborn, people-oriented yet independent, very active
Nicknames: Puck, Pucky, Puckers

03/08/2013: Puck started developing a hard lump on her cheek shortly before she turned 18 months. It was initially very round and we were hoping it was just a facial abscess. She underwent GA to have it drained but nothing came out. We were still hoping it would turn out to be a deep abscess so blasted it with antibiotics (co-amox and metronidazole) and pain relief but it kept growing and the back edge began to feel very uneven and lumpy. It didn't burst, and was increasingly bothering her - although she remained happy and active throughout, her coat would be a bit staring now and then and she started to shake her head more often and was taking longer to eat dry food. I brought her back to the vet a month later and we agreed to try another draining, and failing that, exploratory surgery to find out what it was. It turned out to be a tumour, which had begun to erode the ear canal. As there was no possible improvement or resolution, we took the decision not to wake her up from the surgery. Puck and I developed a very close and special bond after her birthing complications and recovery earlier in the year; she loved me to bits and would cuddle up to me during freerange session, twitching her tail like a dog when getting her back scritched. I really wish we would have had more time together :'( I feel awful about letting her go and it still feels unreal, although there is no doubt in my mind that it was the right decision. Sleep tight Puck, my wonderful, infuriatingly stubborn little love. You are sorely missed, so very missed.


Puck has always been perfectly tractable and very friendly, but out of the four girls I kept from Contra's litter Puck used to be the least people-orientated and very self-sufficient, often disappearing during freerange for half an hour or so to do her own thing whereas her sisters would check in with us much more often. However, as she grew she became more and more licky and she is now completely in-your-face and keen to interact. She has also developed physically in quite an astounding way, from being a bit short and cobby she has matured beautifully in every way, and she has the most enormous lovely dark eyes. She is a really funny little character who looks a lot like her daddy Dandelion - I love her expression and eye-catching markings.

Puck has been to several rat shows, winning BIS in the Pets class once and an award for "Most relaxed". She has also placed well in the Varieties class on a couple of occasions, and she has been awarded an NFRS star. Her critiques can be found on the Shows page.

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