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Snicket (RIP)

Origin: Spoiled Rats Rescue
Born: June 2011 (estimate)
Died: 13 January 2013: Aged 31.5 months
Cause of death: Rapid and severe decline - reduced lung function causing breathing difficulties (PTS)
Colour/variety: Russian blue dumbo
Health: Chronic resp issues/lung scarring
Weight: 223g
Temperament: Super sweet, intensely curious girl - if any of my rats were left out overnight in the rat room, she would definitely cause the most havoc!
Nicknames: Snickety-Snick-Snick

13/01/2014: This little slip of a rat squirmed her way right into my heart and has left an enormous hole. I cannot believe she's gone. Such a tiny body holding so much love. Snicket adored me, and I wish I could have pulled through for her. I'm so so sorry my sweetheart. Despite your age it really wasn't your time, except of course that's sadly not how it works. I'll never get to see you again; the rest of my life will be sorely Snick-less, and it doesn't feel real :'(


Snicket and her cagemate Fray were part of a large rescue in the northwest that involved the removal of a large number of rats from a severely negligent owner. Some of the rats were in such poor condition with untreated injuries that they had to be put to sleep, but some were "just" malnourished and not yet completely wasted away. Snicket and Fray were amongst the older does and I was very happy to offer them a comfortable retirement here. Considering their dreadful background, I was surprised that they were both happy to be handled and not scared of people, which made things a lot easier. Snicket was thin and frail and only weighed 190g when she arrived.

Now that they've been here for a few months, Snicket is still tiny and small-boned but has surprisingly good muscle tone, and with a the better diet she is now actually very athletic and jumps and climbs incredibly well. She is super engaging and lovely, and completely off her rocker! Every single time during every single freerange she zips around for 5-15 mins, then makes her way onto the sofa and goes ECSTATICALLY HAPPY when it turns out I'm sitting there! She is like a puppy in the way she curls her little body, folds her ears back and tries to get eye contact. She'll try to stuff her whole body into my hand when I stroke her, and comes up and presses herself hard against my throat under my chin. We fuss for a while, she'll go off again, and 5-15 minutes later she's back again and goes JUST AS HAPPY as the first time. And repeat. And repeat. It's hilarious and so very cute.

Snick is also really easy-going and kind to other rats and doesn't have a single unpleasant or harsh bone in her body. She absolutely loves people and is a real little character - and oh, those ears!

Snicket received a NERS Bronze Longevity Award for reaching 28 months.

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