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Lovecraft Full swing (RIP)

Swing at 6 months
Origin: Born here - my first Lovecraft litter
Born: 20 December 2011
Died: 24 October 2013: Aged 22 months
Cause of death: Consolidated left lung from scarring and fibrosis following all her resp infections (PTS)
Colour/variety: Agouti Essex
Known genetics: A/- Hro/H M/m Rb/-
Health: On/off respiratory infections
Weight: 325g
Temperament: Lovely little soul - fun and busy, but not the brightest in the cage.
Nicknames: Swing, Blazeface, Swingaling, Twhing

17/11/13: I lost three rats on the same day on 24th October (two planned, one not), and I'll need to revisit this for her obit at some future point. RIP my lovely gentle Swing, you struggled on for a long time and I'm sorry you didn't get to be healthy and strong.


Swing has a lovely temperament and strikingly beautiful markings - funnily enough, she is a little carbon copy of her grandmother, Brandywine Tamar! Swing is nicely balanced both physically and psychologically and a joy to live with. Her wide blaze started showing on the second day which helped her really stand out in the large litter; she felt very solid and lovely in the hand even as a tiny baby, and it was clear very early on that she would be staying with us! Swing was the first to start climbing the bars, and has continued to develop into a very special girl. She is bold and curious, interactive and engaging but also very self-sufficient and I'm not the centre of her world like for some of my other rats.

Swing has been to several rat shows and done really well, placing in the Supreme challenge for the Varieties section on two occasions, winning BIS in the Pets class and awarded rosettes for "Most engaging" and "Most confident". Her results and critiques can be found on the Shows page.

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