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  Atlas Thumping Padiham (RIP)

Thump Origin: Atlas Stud
Born: 16 June 2011
Died: 24 October 2013: Aged 28 months
Cause of death: Inoperable uterine tumour (not woken from GA)
Colour/variety: Black
Health: No health issues
Weight: 390g
Merits: NERS Pet, Grand and Agility champion
Temperament: Very brave, pingy, fast, energetic, complete loon. Difficult to introduce to other rats.
Nicknames: Thump, Thumper, Lightfoot, Big Silly, BlackRat, Fump

24/10/13: Thump had vaginal bleeding and when I took her to the vet she could feel a hard lump. Further palpation under anaesthetic found an inoperable uterine tumour which was also attached to the colon, so I took the decision not to wake her up. I didn't expect to lose Thump as she hasn't been ill for a day in her life, and although she was getting old and frail she was in pretty good nick all things considered. It's not a bad way to go, I suppose, free of pain and after a fairly long and healthy happy life. Run free my Thumpers - run, bounce and rassle! Your mischief here is sorely missed.


Thump (Atlas Thumping Padiham!) is an endearing little soul with a very lovely disposition, and quite easy-going for a kitten. The intro to the big group went well for her because she was nicely submissive to the adult rats and no one really seemed to have a problem with her, even though she'd often take less clever shortcuts right across someone's head... As somewhat older, she has started to locate her hormones and can now be a real pain to the older girls of the group (especially Roux and Fliss) trying constantly to bowl them over. Thump is also by far the silliest kitten we've ever had! At 4 months she really has an endless supply of energy and during every single free-range she bounces up and down the room the entire time. When we rassle with her she goes so extremely excited that her whole body twitches and jumps, and she bounds off across the back of the sofa only to do a sharp 360 turn and bound back - repeat 20 times or so, before she suddenly shoots off the sofa and goes for a proper run around the free-range area, running head-first straight into anyone who happens to be in her way! Thump's coat is very sleek and shiny and immensely soft. Like Furn, she grooms fresh mint into her flanks! She's a real water baby and loves to dunk her entire body and head when they go pea-fishing - I'm fairly certain she would happily swim if I get round to setting something up in the bath for her. Thump is an extremely brave and forward soul, very outgoing and unafraid.

Thump has done extremely well at rat shows, including a Best in Show in the Pets section and Reserve Best in Show in the Varieties section, and she is a NERS Grand champion, Agility champion, and Pet champion. She copes excellently with the strange environment and isn't fazed by anything, and quite clearly enjoys clambering all over new people - the more the better! Her results and critiques can be found on the Shows page.

Thump received a NERS Bronze Longevity Award for reaching 28 months.

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