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Yennis (RIP)

Origin: Rescue (via free-ad site), originally from petshop
Born: August 2011
Died: 24 January 2014: Aged 30 months
Cause of death: Stroke (passed away at home)
Colour/variety: Black hooded
Health: On/off resp issues and some lung scarring
Weight: 272g
Temperament: Very curious and a little flighty
Nicknames: Yen, Tennis, Yannis

24/01/2014: I found Yennis curled up in the card one day when I came back from work; her body was 'twisted' in that typical neurological way, and she was lacking strength and movement. Whilst I was on the phone to the vets trying to arrange an appointment to take her to be put to sleep, she passed away quietly. I do prefer when they get to go in that way, in their own familiar environment, although it is always a shock too. Yen had been fine that very morning, greedily grabbing for her morning banana chip. She was best friends with Snicket, who very sadly and unexpectedly passed away just a couple of weeks ago, and since then Yennis had not been herself - very quiet and withdrawn, spending most of the time sleeping away from her remaining friends. I don't usually find that my rats are at all obvious about grieving; they seem to just go on, most of the time, but Yennis was definitely missing Snick. RIP little Yen, you were very cool, and I miss you.


Roth and Yennis came to live here in June 2013 (at nearly two years old) after their previous owners sadly couldn't keep them. They are lovely mellow girls who have fitted right into their group and are enjoying their retirement here. Yennis is a very curious and intelligent little girl who is keen to try and climb out of the cage at any given opportunity. She struggles to keep weight on, partly due to intermittent resp issues and partly because she's very active, and she is getting a bit threadbare as she ages.

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