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Benny (RIP)

Origin: Rescue (via Fancy Rats forum)
Born: December 2012 (estimate)
Age: 35 months
Colour/variety: Himalayan dumbo
Health: No health issues but very poor eyesight
Weight: 317g
Temperament: Shy and unsure but curious and gentle. Incredibly submissive and the sweetest rat imaginable.
Nicknames: B, Benny Bee, Benny Benassi

Benny came here after being advertised as 'free to good home', having become depressed following the death of her cagemate. She was initially very scared and flighty, but she took well to meeting Tusk and the two of them lived happily together for a couple of weeks, and were then joined by another two little rescue girls (Pushkin and Vera). Benny has come on in leaps and bounds during the short time she has been here, and is now happy being stroked and picked up. She is also becoming increasingly brave and bold, and I have to keep a close watch on the cage door at feeding time as she is very liable to sneaking out and scaling the bars up to the top! Her eyesight is poor but she manages completely fine despite that, and she eats well (her previous home reported that she had lost interest in eating) and is generally doing amazingly well. I'm so proud of her She is heartwrenchingly cute, the sweetest and most soft-tempered little girl ever, and so very submissive to all her cagemates - Benny doesn't want any trouble at all! She can land a bite now and then if my hand comes to close (much more reactively than aggressively), but I am so glad she ended up here.

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