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Mosey (RIP)

Origin: Rescue (via free-ad site), originally from petshop
Born: March 2012 (estimate)
Died: 26 March 2014: 25 months
Cause of death: Strange groin area wound with subsequent infection that didn't respond to antibiotics (PTS)
Colour/variety: Mink hooded
Health: One enlarged/protruding eye and mammary lump
Weight: 258g
Temperament: Gentle, sweet, cautious and friendly girl. Quite vocal too!
Nicknames: Mose

26/03/2014: Bye Mosey - I wish I could have fixed you. If you had been in better condition, we would have had that lump removed - and if that lump hadn't been sapping your strength and weight, you might have been able to kick the infection in that wound you acquired so mysteriously. My scrawny little sweetheart; I hope there is lots and lots of food and warm gentle friends waiting for you at the bridge.


Mosey was initially offered for sale with her sister and their cage. After a few months of being available on the site, her sister died, at which point I contacted the owner and eventually we arranged that I would take Mosey for free in exchange for a loving forever home. Mosey is a lovely gentle girl who has fitted right into my older group with six other rats, and it's evident that she enjoys snuggling up to them and living in a group. It's super nice to see. She is very affectionate and used to handling. Unfortunately, one of her eyes is rather enlarged/protruding - it's quite obvious in some of the photos below. The eye and pupil are normal, so the underlying cause is likely a tumour or abscess. Mosey is currently on a course of antibiotics which happily has made some difference to the surrounding swelling. The long-term outlook isn't terribly promising, but for the moment she is otherwise fit and well, and I'm really pleased that this happy affectionate and beautiful little girl landed here for her retirement.

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