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Eximius Taiyo (RIP)

Origin: Eximius Rats
Born: 6 January 2012
Died: 10 February 2014: Aged 25 months
Cause of death: Tumour behind eye (PTS)
Colour/variety: Buff dumbo
Known genetics: a/a r/r du/du
Health: Mammary lump from 19 months
Weight: 396g
Temperament: Effusive, engaging, loves people, steady
Nicknames: Tai

10/02/2014: Bye lovely Taiyo, my sweet sunny girl. She suffered what we originally assumed was an injury to one eye, but as treatment progressed the cause appeared to be a tumour behind the eye socket. For a few weeks Taiyo didn't seem affected by it and was supported with painkillers and antibiotics, but when the eye started protruding more, we faced a choice of trying enucleation or letting her go. Although I certainly didn't get the sense that she was "ready" - she was very sprightly and in really good overall condition (apart from her mammary lump) - I didn't feel it was in her best interest to put her through such a big op with a long recovery period, and chose to let her go before the eye ruptured, while she was still happy. Thankfully I had a few weeks to prepare for it as her decline was quite slow, and in the end timings worked out so that she got to go with her sister Soraya. So all things considered it was quite a good way for them to go, although I do of course miss them both very much. Rest well my love.


Taiyo came to live with me after she and her sister Soraya were returned to their breeder, Lloyd at Eximius Rats, at 18 months old due to a change in the original owner's circumstances. I'm incredibly grateful that Lloyd agreed for them to come here to live out their retirement and give me a chance to experience real 'tabi style' rats. I've renamed them both after sunflower cultivars, as they are utterly delightful happy girls, and Taiyo especially must have a sun for a soul! After arriving here they were introduced to Tony and Tusk and they are all getting along swimmingly.

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