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Sundrop Alkali (RIP)

Origin: Sundrop Rats (my Flow's second litter)
Born: 14 March 2013
Died: 27 September 2015: 30.5 months
Cause of death: Unknown (passed away at home)
Colour/variety: Black
Known genetics: a/a M/m Du/du
Health: Small MT removed at 19 and 26 months
Weight: 426g
Merits: NERS Pet and Agility champion, NFRS Silver pet
Temperament: Really licky! Cheerful, cheeky, naughty and irreverent - and loves to wind up her cagemates.
Nicknames: Kalai

Alkali had been slowing down for a while, and was regrowing a mammary tumour but otherwise doing well for her age. I then found her passed away in the igloo one evening, with Benny and Shroom curled up around her I loved her so much and despite the ease of her gentle passing after a long generally healthy life, it was very difficult to see her go, particularly as I lost her beautiful daughter and niece much too soon. Play hard Alkali, I'll miss you always.


I've always had a really soft spot for this girl; she stood out already in the nest by being super licky and always in the thick of things. Alkali is playful and funny, extremely active and agile, and really smart and inquisitive. As a young adult she had an odd habit of sometimes trying to feed from higher ranking rats, much to their consternation! Before her litter Alkali was a relatively small doe with less good muscle tone than her sisters, but she has filled out into a beautiful big doe without being heavy, and has a wonderful steady yet playful temperament. She is quite low-ranking and tends to be dependable and very kind to new rats.

At nearly 28 months, Alkali is unfortunately growing her third lump. Thankfully it's slow growing and I don't think we'll be removing it as it would more than likely just grow back yet again. Her back legs have started to go slightly but she's really in excellent nick for her age.

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