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Lovecraft Delaney (RIP)

Origin: Born here - my fourth Lovecraft litter
Born: 7 August 2013
Died: 14 December 2015: 28 months
Cause of death: Inoperable internal mass (PTS)
Colour/variety: Black dumbo
Known genetics: a/a du/du
Health: Small MT removed at 20 months, then other MT + cataract + internal mass
Weight: 399g
Merits: NERS Pet and Agility champion, NFRS Silver pet
Temperament: Effusive and sweet personality, curious and nosy, always want to be in the thick of things.
Nicknames: Lane, Laney

Delaney went in to the vet with her sister Malone - Delaney to be put to sleep with a fast-growing internal mass, and Malone just for a small operation, but neither of them came back. Two very special sisters, gone on the same day, but under very different circumstances and expected outcome. I had time to prepare for Delaney's passing and reconcile myself with it, as much as you ever do with these things, and feel at ease with it (again, as much as you ever do) whereas Malone was very much torn from me and overshadowed the loss of Delaney. Sweet dreams my love, you were wonderful to live with.


Delaney is a lovely, endearing and engaging girl - extremely full of beans and energy, people-oriented and playful. She absolutely loves to play with my hair and groom my neck, and she actively seeks out eye contact and loves to get fussed and cuddled. She is long-bodied and has a nice head, slightly crinkly ears, and fairly good muscle tone. Although very naughty and up to no good most of the time, she is also very gentle and 'soft' in temperament, and low-ranking and submissive in the cage hierarchy. A real little treasure with her beautiful soulful eyes and loveable demeanor.

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