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Sundrop Emsel (RIP)

Origin: Sundrop Rats (my Flow's second litter)
Born: 14 March 2013
Died: 28 June 2014: 15 months
Cause of death: Respiratory distress (PTS)
Colour/variety: Agouti
Known genetics: A/a M/- Du/du
Health: No health issues
Weight: 471g
Temperament: My beloved oddball! Clever and serious girl who is the sweetest ever. Very submissive in the group.
Nicknames: Ems, Emsley

10/07/2014: Can't bear to write much about this, so suffice to say that during the extremely hot and humid weather, Emsel got a respiratory infection which didn't respond to treatment. We attempted steroids and many different types of antibiotics but she became progressively worse and I had to let her go, much too soon, so much. I'm still reeling from it and miss my Ems so very much :'( Rest my sweetheart, breathe easy now. I'm so sorry you didn't get to be an old lady.


I love this little girl with all my heart - she is so very special. She has warmth and big emotions, and a really sweet gentle manner. A clever, serious soul who is incredibly submissive, including to very young babies. Emsel is discernible when it comes to picking human friends and doesn't really enjoyed being handled by people she doesn't know. She takes time getting to know and trust new persons, but she loves her own people and it is an amazing feeling to see her visible fondness. She is not one of those rats who puts herself in front of you all the time, so can be overlooked in a big group as she's more likely to hang around in the background or sidling up to me and just sit quietly next to me, but is always ready and happy to return affection. Emsel has a lovely warm ruddy agouti tone to her coat, which is fantastically soft.

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