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Lovecraft Facehugger (RIP)

Facehugger Origin: Born here - my fourth Lovecraft litter
Born: 7 August 2013
Died: 10 December 2015: 28 months
Cause of death: Stroke? (PTS)
Colour/variety: Agouti
Known genetics: A/a Du/du
Health: Small MT removed at 21 months
Weight: 371g
Temperament: Into everything! Gentle and low-ranking sweetheart.
Nicknames: FH

Facehugger had been losing weight and looking very old for some time, but still pottering along happily. Then one afternoon after work I found her following what seemed like a stroke and considering her general condition I felt that the kindest thing was to let her go. I'm sorry baby, you were the best and I wish we could have had longer together.


Facehugger got her name after Jemma named her after her habit as a young baby of throwing herself off the table straight onto my face and clinging onto my glasses... She is forward and direct, very relaxed and trusting - quite an uncomplicated girl really! She is very active and energetic, preferring to dash around the room but now as an adult she is finding much more time to seek out her person for some quality time and fussing. She has excellent muscle tone and fitness, sleek shiny coat and stunning big black eyes. Facehugger used to be way too busy to be as licky and people-oriented as her sisters, but is one of those rats who has grown into her personality as she ages and she has become lovelier and more special for every day.

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