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Lovecraft Hoyden (RIP)

Origin: Born here - my fifth Lovecraft litter
Born: 8 August 2013
Died: 8 December 2015: 28 months
Cause of death: Unknown (passed away at home)
Colour/variety: Agouti Essex
Known genetics: A/a M/m Hro/H
Health: No health issues
Weight: 409g
Temperament: Inquisitive and playful
Nicknames: Hoy

Hoyden had been losing weight and muscle tone and showing typical signs of ageing for a while, but she was bright and happy and didn't have much weakness in her back legs - she looked like she could keep going like that for a long time! And she did for a while, until she stopped, and I found her buried in the cardboard. She was a real sweetheart who became more people-oriented in her old age, and I miss seeing her silly little Essex face in the wave of agoutis and blacks!


Hoyden is a sweet and pleasant little girl with lovely big eyes and a cute, mischievous little face, although her body type is rather pear-shaped and baggy and she doesn't have very good muscle tone. She reminds me a lot of her grandmother Monkeyshines in colouring and expression, although (unlike Monkeyshines) Hoyden is not a particularly sociable rat and very happy to run around entertaining herself with occasional check-ups of what I'm doing. She gets along well with her group although lacks confidence in some situations and was quite wound up by the introduction of the latest babies - she clearly preferred her routine to unpredictable baby madness!

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