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Lovecraft Malone (RIP)

Origin: Born here - my fourth Lovecraft litter
Born: 7 August 2013
Died: 14 December 2015: 28 months
Cause of death: Osteomyelitis following tooth root abscess
Colour/variety: Agouti dumbo
Known genetics: A/a du/du
Health: Small benign papilloma wart growth removed from foot at 16 months.
Weight: 402g
Merits: NERS Varieties and Agility champion, NFRS Silver champion
Temperament: Fab - bouncy, playful and interactive, licky and loves people and is always up to something!
Nicknames: Maloney, Baloney, Loney, Looney

Ok, I can't spend long writing this as it's still way too upsetting. Like her mum Notch, Malone was incredibly special to me for so many reasons, both symbolical with regards to what she has meant for my breeding, and more direct in terms of being an absolutely smashing little rat who I really connected with. She developed a small abscess on her jaw, and I thought it would be a fairly quick job to get it flushed and whack it with some antibiotics - facial abscesses are always tricky but I've had a couple of successful treatments in the past. She was in good general nick and I fully expected to collect her that evening, but I got the dreaded phone call from the vet when Malone was under anaestetic, telling me there was extensive osteomyelitis (bone infection - very common with facial abscesses) inside the gum and jawbone. There was no real option but to tell my vet not to wake her up. Out of the three super special sisters from that litter, they all died very close together; Malone last, despite no real outward signs or warning, and I felt robbed that we wouldn't be getting to enjoy a few special months or more of her old age together. Malone, I carry you in my heart forever. Thank you for everything between us


Malone is my little darling - so very silly and in-your-face that she makes everyone notice her! An expert photobomber with a wonderful (and often hilarious) expression in her huge eyes which just melts my heart. I'm convinced she's worked out how to clone herself as she often seems to be everywhere at once. She is incredibly giddy and energetic, a bit of a force of nature, but also soooo relaxed and tractable. The other week she jumped out of the cage onto my shoulder, and when I grabbed her she leaned back into my hand and started licking my hand, and even after I'd let go she just lied there on her back in the card licking my thumb Whereas some of her sisters took a while to grow into their personalities, Malone had hers all figured out from a very young age! She has energy in abundance and can be fairly dominant when playing with her siblings and cagemates, but never overreacting.

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