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Pushkin (RIP)

Origin: Pixie Rabbit & Rodent Rescue
Born: July 2013
Died: 20 November: 28 months
Cause of death: Inoperable MT (PTS)
Colour/variety: Black Berkshire dumbo
Health: Resp infection at 21 months, MT
Weight: 316g
Temperament: A little shy but extremely curious and sweet! Can be arsy with other rats.
Nicknames: Push

Pushkin suddenly started sprouting a couple of mammary tumours, one of which was in her groin and couldn't have been easily removed. I opted to keep her going as long as she was happy, and she was put to sleep when it became prohibitively big. She wasn't "ready" in herself which always makes it a much more difficult decision, but I couldn't have kept her going any longer. I'm sorry Push, play hard at the bridge with Vera.


Pushkin and Vera came into rescue after their previous owner had a change in circumstances and were no longer able to keep them. I fell head over heels in love and were so happy when they were finally able to join my gang here! They are both lovely girls, although underweight with matchstick tails and not desperately used to handling, but despite this they have clearly been quite well looked after in their previous home. They initially settled in well (after a long tricky intro) but moved groups several times as Vera has a proper temper and is a real little bolshie madam, and Pushkin isn't always as sweet as she wants you to think either!

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