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Sundrop Shroom (RIP)

Origin: Sundrop Rats (my Flow's second litter)
Born: 14 March 2013
Died: 5 October 2015: 30.5 months
Cause of death: Inoperable MT (PTS)
Colour/variety: Mink
Known genetics: a/a m/m Du/du
Health: MT from 28 months
Weight: 415g
Temperament: Playful and nosy, brave and forward, super friendly and full of energy. Extremely licky!
Nicknames: Vroom

Shroom has always been a very robust and sturdy rat, and she remained entirely healthy until 28 months at which point she started sprouting a slow-growing mammary tumour in her armpit. Her back legs also started going, and she became quite skinny, so I opted to let her keep going as long as she was happy and not put her through an op. She pottered on for a few more months until the lump suddenly hit a growth spurt, and despite not growing massive, it did very unexpectedly start to ulcerate, at which point I obviously dashed straight to the vet with lots of regrets about not having preempted it. Bye Shroom-girl, you were pretty epic and a very cool lady.


Shroom is a fabulous girl - very people-oriented and affectionate, tractable and pliable, with a very kind curious expression. She is probably the lickiest of my current girls, loves contact and can sit for several minutes licking and grooming my hand or neck. She is quite a big solid girl with nice muscle tone and mass; she gives a very fit, able and spirited impression. Her coat is rather patchy and uneven, as well as somewhat rusted and silvered in places (but mink tends to be a notoriously difficult colour in that respect). Shroom is sweet-natured, steady, gentle and has a very calming influence. Before her litter she sat fairly low in the cage hierarchy, but has since toughened up and gained a lot of self-assurance and poise, and is now somewhere around the top.

At nearly 28 months, Shroom hasn't had a day of illness in her entire life. Her back legs are going but she's managing the full cage and has just the same keen expression and zest that she always had.

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