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Aura Gold

Aura Gold
Origin: Rescue (via RSPCA)
Born: January 2014 (estimate)
Died: 20 May 2016: 28 months
Cause of death: Stroke (PTS)
Colour/variety: Agouti hooded dumbo
Health: UTI a few months ago, occasionally respy
Weight: 254g
Temperament: So sweet and gentle! A real little ray of sunshine, effusive and calm.
Nicknames: Aura

Aura came here from RSPCA, having been found left in a box outside someone's home together with a male rat. The male was euthanised as he had 'large tumours' and Aura went up for adoption. I treated her with Galastop to terminate any eventual pregnancy; because of her prominent nipples and strange body shape I believe she's had several litters before, and she deserves a quiet retirement here with friends and love. She gets pot-bellied when she eats but it is impossible to fill out her tail or around the spine, which is tell-tale for does who have had litters too young, or too many litters, without proper nutrition so has been forced to use their own body's nutrients to support the babies. Aura initially hated being picked up but was submissive and calm once held, and as time has moved on she is now entirely happy with any kind of handling and positively cherishes human contact. I gave her her name from a sunflower cultivar, as she really exudes brightness and joy and makes a big impression when she meets new people. She's an absolutely gorgeous little girl and as much as I can't believe anyone would give her up, I'm glad they did!

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