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Lovecraft Crimini (RIP)

Lovecraft Crimini
Origin: Born here - my sixth Lovecraft litter
Born: 10 February 2014
Died: 23 July 2015: 17.5 months
Cause of death: Internal mass (PTS)
Colour/variety: Cinnamon
Known genetics: A/a m/m
Health: No health issues (but has a tail kink)
Weight: 430g
Temperament: Uber confident, whirlwind of mischief and tricks
Nicknames: Crim, Criminal, Crimbo, Krimskrams

Crim never had a day of illness in her life; a solid, robust doe with abundant energy and at the height of fitness. She started looking under the weather while I was on a short holiday, and turned rapidly worse after my return, losing muscle and weight, struggling to breathe and keep her body temperature. I was absolutely shocked at how quickly she deteriorad. The vet theorised liver failure and my Crim was put to sleep; on post-mortem the vet found a large mass that had attached itself to the pancreas and uterus and would not have been possible to remove. It's a bit helpful sometimes to know that there was nothing you could have done, but the loss is always sad. Sleep tight Crim.


Crimini is a little force of nature and stood out already as a young baby by always being the naughtiest and most adventurous - something I do tend to have a very weak spot for! As an adult, her main aim in life is to be let out for a runaround; she is a very active doe with fantastic muscle tone and feels completely solid. Crimini is independent and although she is perfectly handleable and happy to be fussed, she is not particularly interested in people other than in their capacity as Bringers of Fun and Openers of Cages. She can be a little on the sharp side with some new rats, although with most she doesn't have an issue, and she works really well in a settled group. She is quite headstrong in what she likes and doesn't like, including getting her nails cut!

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