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Lovecraft Debonair

Lovecraft Debonair
Origin: Born here - my ninth Lovecraft litter
Born: 4 June 2014
Died: 30 May 2016: 24 months
Cause of death: Facial abscess (PTS)
Colour/variety: Black
Known genetics: a/a Du/du
Health: Minor ear infection at 20 months
Weight: 423g
Temperament: Busy and naughty!
Nicknames: Nair

Debonair was lovely as a baby, fun and relaxed, although a few weeks after I'd decided to keep her she went through a period of being rather tense when handled and generally not wanting to spend time with people. Happily she settled back down again and is completely fine with handling and getting fussed, typically distributing some licks and ear sniffles in the process. She's a very independent active doe with amazing muscle tone - she is so compact she feels like a brick, and exudes power and strength. She has always been fairly long bodied although was not particularly feminine during adolescence and early adulthood (more like a little train than a sleek race car!) although again with age she has become much nicer looking. Debonair works well in her group and doesn't give new rats a hard time.

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