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Lovecraft Hedonista (RIP)

Lovecraft Hedonista Origin: Born here - my eight Lovecraft litter
Born: 3 June 2014
Died: 8 November 2015: 17 months
Cause of death: Unknown infection (PTS)
Colour/variety: Agouti dumbo
Known genetics: A/a du/du
Health: No health issues
Weight: 395g
Temperament: Happy, easy-going little honey
Nicknames: Nista

Hedonista had started losing muscle and weight and then looking poorly; staring coat, hunched back, etc. She was put on a course of antibiotics and perked up, but developed a salivary gland abscess a few days in. We kept going with the ABs and she was her usual bright and kissy self. Then one evening I found her unresponsive, the abscess had burst and she had a foul smelling vaginal discharge - possibly a systemic infection of some kind, and I opted to put her to sleep. I can't believe I lost her so suddenly and so early. Play hard Nista, you were my awesome baby and I love you so much.


Hedonista is a really fun little doe, very good-natured and zippy. She's kind and gentle with other rats, uncomplicated and easy to live with - quite people-oriented although also independent, busy, naughty and confident, and an expert at sneaking out of the cage at feeding time! She is quite a small doe, with lovely eyes and nice fit muscled body, easy to keep in good shape and weight. Hedonista is one of those rats I wouldn't hesitate to plonk on someone who has never handled a rat before, as she's so sweet and effusive and never fails to draw a smile.

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