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Lovecraft Mistily (RIP)

Lovecraft Mistily
Origin: Born here - my sixth Lovecraft litter
Born: 10 February 2014
Died: 11 September 2015: 19 months
Cause of death: Unknown (passed away at home)
Colour/variety: Mink/dark phase pearl
Known genetics: a/a m/m
Health: No health issues
Weight: 423g
Temperament: Happy, sweet and gentle
Nicknames: Mis, Mister Lee

Mistily suddenly started to lose weight and looking a bit scruffy, but as I was battling my own health problems at the time it took me longer than it should have to pick up on it. Her urine was fine and the vet couldn't feel any masses but put her on a course of ABs. She remained bright if a bit slowed, and a couple of weeks later I found her passed away in the cage. I have some guilt around several of the deaths this autumn as I was quite unwell myself so I keep thinking that I might otherwise have picked up on symptoms earlier. I'm sorry Mistily, you were such a sweetie.


Mistily is a quick-footed zippy little girl who, although she doesn't mind handling and fussing, generally has much better things to do and like her sister Crimini she doesn't particulary seek out human contact, much preferring to dash around the room in a rather mad fashion. She is a very gentle and kind doe, uncomplicated and easy to live with - a "glue rat" who is very important to the composition of the group. She is sweet and contented, low-ranking and submissive, preferring to hang back a bit and check in with me as and when. I very much get the feeling that she would come into her own more if she lived with someone who had fewer rats and could give her more individual attention, as it's the clamouring demanding in-your-face type that mostly make themselves seen in a bigger group.

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