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Lovecraft Rigmarole

Lovecraft Rigmarole
Origin: Born here - my tenth Lovecraft litter
Born: 19 December 2014
Age: 15 months
Colour/variety: Agouti
Known genetics: A/- Du/du
Health: Minor ear infection at 13 months
Weight: 402g
Temperament: A little tense, doesn't like to be outside her comfort zone
Nicknames: Rigs

Rigmarole got her name after excitedly inhaling some wet food when she was 5 weeks old, getting respy and needing a short course of antibiotics to prevent aspiration pneumonia. As a baby she was a sweet little girl, a little bit cautious, but with lots of curiosity and humour. As a young adult she is lovely at home when she is in her element, although very clearly doesn't like changes to her routine or being taken by surprise - this includes going to shows! In her more settled adulthood she has been happy coming out to the odd show now and then, but if given the choice Rigs would prefer to stay home. She can explore for hours in the rat room and is very inquisitive, and whenever you pick her up you'll most likely get a lick!

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