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Lovecraft Eldra

Lovecraft Eldra
Origin: Born here - my 11th Lovecraft litter
Born: 16 March 2015
Age: 17 months
Colour/variety: Black
Known genetics: a/a M/m Du/du
Health: No health issues
Weight: 449g
Temperament: Robust and steady, active and busy
Nicknames: Beldra

Eldra is a real sweetheart - licky, active and busy. She is a super solid girl, lovely large type with proper big ears and eyes, and a very muscular and capable long body. She is curious and inquisitive and loves to explore new things. Eldra is a real gem and provides a lot of stability to her group. She is utterly dependable and a wonderful PR rat, easy-going and kissy with plenty of personality and zest - a very special doe.

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