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Origin: Rescue (private rehome)
Born: August 2015 (estimate)
Age: 12 months
Colour/variety: Black hooded dumbo rex
Health: Resp infection in previous home
Weight: 260g
Temperament: Sweet, active and playful! Really funny little girl.
Nicknames: Fogster, Foggy-Fog

Fog came to me via a friend who was down to her last two rats before a planned break; when the older of the two was due to be put to sleep, Fog came here to get some new friends. She had a rough time with my two more rambunctious girl groups, but finally slotted in beautifully with Aura and Ruggles. Fog isn't great at 'speaking rat' and is a strange mixture of a confident little braggart and a really quite tense and uncertain scaredy-cat, actively seeking other rats out and get in their face but then overreact when they'd respond. She tended to be bolshie with the submissive rats and terrified and defensive to the dominant rats! Aura and Ruggles are both very sweet and laid-back, and the three of them are working very well together indeed. Fog is a super cute and engaging little clown girl and I'm very glad she ended up here :)


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