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Lovecraft Heart of Night

Lovecraft Heart of Night
Origin: Born here - my 14th Lovecraft litter
Born: 10 November 2015
Age: 9 months
Colour/variety: Agouti dumbo
Known genetics: A/a du/du M/-
Health: Unlucky! Stubborn ear infection following a bite, and punctured eyeball courtesy of an inconsiderate cagemate
Weight: 288g
Temperament: Soul rat
Nicknames: Nash, Whiffler

Nash is...I don't know what it is, but we have the strongest bond. Having had the privilege of experiencing heart rats before, I'd say she is more than a heart rat and call her my little soul rat. She is very mild and tender, and always wants to come to me. She's not clingy in the slightest but while I hold her or she is on my shoulder, she is entirely *present* (until she asks to go down and tear around the room like a banshee!). Because she contracted a stubborn ear infection following a bite to the base of her ear when she was only 11 weeks old, she has had several courses of antibiotics already and tends to sit and wait for me in the morning to get her ear cleaned and her AB-laced liver paste. Nash exudes calm, stability and presence in everything she does and I'm utterly in love with this little girl.

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