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Halcyon Schooner

Halcyon Schooner
Origin: Halcyon Stud
Born: 3 February 2015
Died: 25 May 2016: 15 months
Cause of death: Unknown (passed away at home)
Colour/variety: Agouti hooded
Health: No health issues
Weight: 467g
Temperament: Quite dominant and likes doing her own thing!

Schooner (= 2/3 of a pint) got her name because her mum groomed off part of her tail in the nest :) She is a sweet lass who is rather independent and knows her own mind. She is perfectly fine with handling although has an expression of "OK. Done? Are you going to put me down soon?" and happily scampers around the room for as long as possible before it's time to go back to the cage! I've always admired Halcyon Lisa's hoodeds, and I just couldn't resist this little girl! Schooner has been spayed as once she hit adolescence she was very harsh with the others and couldn't get along in any of my girl groups, as she bullied any old, small or submissive rats. When she had healed up she moved in with my boy group which worked well for a few months, before she started bullying the gentle elder of the group. She is currently re-introing to my smallest girl group.



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