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Lovecraft Tinderbox

Lovecraft Tinderbox
Origin: Born here - my 12th Lovecraft litter
Born: 1 June 2015
Age: 14 months
Colour/variety: Agouti dumbo
Known genetics: A/a du/du
Health: No health issues
Weight: 407g
Merits: Best in Show
Temperament: Dominant and pushy!

As a baby, Tinderbox was a real little sweetheart, quite gentle and attentive/responsive. Unfortunately growing into maturity she has become rather dominant, both towards me (!) and other rats, and when she is in season she goes stiff as a little board and screams loudly when I pick her up! She is happy in her group and not causing any stress there at the moment, but I am planning to spay her over the next few weeks; mostly to help her calm down and remove the season-related stress she is experiencing, and partly to have the option to keep her with my buck group as based on her behaviour in the last intro I suspect she won't be taking further kitten intros very well. Tinderbox has always behaved well at shows and is mostly quite a pleasant little rat, so hopefully spaying will really help her.

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